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Billy Come Home



Kate Danaher




A daring 33 year-old Victorian-era woman defies traditional female stereotypes and fearlessly runs for President of the United States, despite impossible odds and old-liners blocking her at every turn. She doesn’t win, but she prevails, inspiring others by her courage. Based on the incredible, true story of Victoria Woodhull.


Finalist, Moondance Film Festival, 2015

Finalist, New Hope Film Festival, 2015

Finalist, Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2015

Finalist, Filmmakers International Screenplay Competition, 2015

Finalist, Athena Festival, 2015

Semi-finalist, Nashville Film Festival, 2015

Quarter-Finalist, Stage 32 Screenplay Competition, 2015

Second Round, Austin Film Festival, 2014

First Round, The Write Room Screenplay Competition, 2015

Quarter-Finalist, AAA Screenplay Competition, LA, 2007

Quarter-Finalist, Page International Screenplay Competition, LA, 2007

(2007 version co-written with Robert Rivenbark)


Every Move Counts

Co-writer: Robert Rivenbark

Based on a true story of the life of Orrin Hudson, featured in People, January 21, 2008. Orrin is the founder of BeSomeone, Inc.

Shocked by an execution–style murder, a real-life black businessman and chess master gives up family, friends, girlfriend, and success, risking everything to look for meaning in a chessboard and to teach at risk youth, before it's too late, that every move counts.


Consider, AAA Screenplay Competition, LA, 2007

Second-round, Austin Film Festival, 2006

Finalist, Omaha Film Festival, 2006


Billy, Come Home

Co-writer: Mary Rose Callaghan

Based on the novel, Billy, Come Home, by Mary Rose Callaghan
(Brandon, Britain and Ireland, 2007)

A woman travels to London to identify a body that has been fished out of the Thames; it is believed to be that of her brother, Billy. The narrative flashes back to the brutal murder of a teenage girl. Billy, a schizophrenic, is accused of the crime. A compelling tale of prejudice against the mentally ill and the struggle to find one's home in the world.


Slip Knot

Co-writers: Robert and Kathleen Rivenbark

A racist Southern physician, fleeing to South Africa from his dead wife's vengeful black ex-FBI agent lover, finds escape from his inner demons by sacrificing himself and his fortune to save South African AIDS victims.